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Development and requirements of crusher wear parts
The rapid development of the crusher are based on the application of new wear-resistant material as the pillar . First proposed 82 years of high manganese steel , after some processing, high shock loads and high compressive stress on the parts surface hardening . Mainly used in jaw crusher tooth plate, moving cone crusher cone , the cone , hammer , etc., are called first-generation wearable material. It is not just for low- impact load or low stress on the use . With the development of crushing machinery industry , more and more problems coming up, for example, to expand the scope of the broken areas of the requirements as well as durable equipment , the industry must continue to develop wear-resistant materials for higher requirements .
In about 1930 there has been a hard nickel- iron, hardness can reach HRC55-60, as the second generation of wear-resistant materials , as brittle relatively large, we can only make some small parts. For example, spiral sand washing machine blades. And our nickel ore resources are very small, so use is relatively small .
In some of our high-end equipment manufacturing , in general choose to import high abrasion resistance material, with high alloy content , good fluidity , shrinkage resistance, poor thermal performance characteristics , etc. , so the design of castings molding process , to take solidification principles. Impact hammer , impact plate, etc. Heavy castings mainly using some special casting methods. Some of the current study new wear-resistant materials are constantly ongoing , it is understood there , high toughness martensitic steel , high strength and toughness of austenitic steel , etc., are expected to become the next generation of wear-resistant materials . Once these new materials are applied , will largely promote the rapid development of China's crusher and impact crusher .
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