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Impact Crusher show their skills in the field of coal waste processing
As the coal industry production process solid waste, emissions from coal gangue is huge, with the increase of the country's energy consumption , coal will continue to increase , the state introduced to encourage the use of industrial waste produced wall materials related to preferential tax policies implementation , coal gangue as the resources available in the brick industry has been actively developed. Use of coal gangue brick , brick ban not only promote the implementation of the policy , my colleagues has important practical and historical significance to improve the resource efficiency of energy use and improve the ecological environment. Use of coal gangue brick , to improve the utilization efficiency of resources and energy , and improve the ecological environment has important significance.
Gangue do with replacing clay building bricks significantly reduce its costs , without watering before drywall and painting, which saves water and labor costs, due to the high hardness , loss in transit is also lower than the clay . More importantly , with the gangue instead of clay building bricks made , not only can reduce the gangue large accumulation of waste on land and water pollution caused by system resources , turning waste into treasure, made a lot of demand on the market more than the clay brick hard refractory bricks used in construction , and this can save land resources used clay brick , is the country, important projects benefit the development of circular economy .
The process of coal gangue brick substantially so. The crusher crushed gangue Wong added , after mixing, after aging , into the molding , so that after drying and then finally fired into finished brick . Among these, the plastic is very important to improve the dough . This requires the use of appropriate high gangue fine crushing and aging technology.
Coal production company to promote the introduction of new coal gangue crusher, coal gangue brick nowadays more and more advanced technology , pulverized coal gangue size requirements have become more sophisticated , often in the material is too coarse crusher , mills and too thin to be trapped in a dilemma when Red Star launched crushing -type PFV impact crusher , specifically for the ore crushing small particles. Over the years, Red Star conform to the trend of development, the use of specialized models , with overall responsibility for crushing grinding necessary products, supporting a more rational , more technical skills , professional deep cavity jaw crusher , high- impact energy impact crusher , cone crushing chamber and more crusher crusher equipment as well as other popular type of grinding equipment crushing screening rates Qualcomm Raymond mill , super- high-pressure medium speed grinding mill , ultrafine powder production tricyclic fine powder mill and other equipment, Pentium constantly forward mechanical torrent , Red Star has been adhering to the quality of the first production concept, with wisdom and seriously do a high -quality creator.
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