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Major trends flotation machine
Using a wide range of mechanical flotation stone crusher machine , the important feature of this device is a mechanically driven impeller , the impeller and the air introduced with stirring to break up the slurry into fine bubbles. This flotation process can be achieved in the application of self-inflatable , i.e., a negative pressure is formed by the rotation of the impeller into the air or pneumatic booster , the external air introduced through the air blowing device . A typical flotation production line is composed of more than one of this type of flotation machine in series to form a "slot - slot" means the impeller by the weir between their separated , and " not limited flow" or "free flow" of equipment allows an unlimited flow of slurry to increase the handling capacity of the flotation process .
In recent years, Henan vipeak Machinery experts in the analysis of the role of flotation machine flotation device of alkali metal ore aspects of a lot of research , we believe that the main flotation devices in recent years the trend is to develop a greater volume of flotation machine the flotation tank can promote capital investment and operating costs can be reduced accordingly , particularly when the production line is controlled by the automation system .
As early as the 1960s , 8.5m ³-14.2m ³ application of flotation tank began to disseminate and apply 28.3m ³ or greater flotation tank is also increasing . Henan vipeak mining machinery production flotation device , as a professional production technology and advanced design concepts as a guide , so the market has been dominated , I will continue to work hard to draw domestic and foreign advanced production technology , research and development the better products to serve the community .
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